Danielle Gamble, B.A. in Psychology 2017, Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology at Virginia State Univeristy

Tytionna Forrest, B.A. in Psychology 2017

Hilaree Schmidt, B.A. in Psychology 2017

Andrea Hill, B.A. Psychology 2018, M.S. in Gerontology at Georgia State University

Kanisa Davidson, B.A. in Psychology 2018; Doctoral Student in Behavioral Neuroscience at Univ. Alabama at Birmingham

Raena Hargrave, B.A. in Psychology 2018

Renee Waters, B.A. in Psychology 2019, Doctoral Student in Psychology and Neuroscience at Princeton University

Bryce White, B.S. in Biology 2019; Doctoral Student in Physiology and Pharmacology at Georgetown University

Sherilynn Knight, B.S in Biology 2019

Destiny Belton, B.A. in Psychology 2019

Ashley Davis, B.A. in Psychology 2019

Nzia Hall, B.S. in Biology 2020; Medical Student at UNC Chapel Hill

Brooke Jones, Biology Student, North Carolina A&T State University

Quamya Oglesby, B.A. in Psychology 2021, M.S. student in Educational Psychology from Florida State University

Janae Baker, B.A. in Psychology 2022; Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology at Virgina Commonwealth University

Mariah Shobande, B.S. in Bioengineering 2022, North Carolina A&T STate University

Anjali Kumari, B.S. in Biology 2022; Master’s Student in Nanoscience at North Carolina A&T State University

Kijah Simonton, B.A. in Psychology 2022; North Carolina A&T State University

Chrystal Davis, Bioengineering Student, North Carolina A&T State University

Jalen Matthews, Bioengineering StudentNorth Carolina A&T State University

Autymn Briggs, Psychology Student, North Carolina A&T State University